Aug. 17, 2022

AstroBranding with Leslie Tagorda

AstroBranding with Leslie Tagorda

Welcome to Episode 16 of The Essence Reveal Podcast. Today I am overjoyed to welcome Leslie Tagorda. Leslie Tagorda (she/her), is a multiracial brand astrologer and creator of The AstroBrand™ Method, designer, podcast host, and author. As an Aquarius (Sun), Sagittarius (Moon), Gemini (Rising) and Human Design Projector, She has found her calling navigating visionary spiritual entrepreneurs and social impact makers, to their star-charted success in their spiritual journey through their work.

Her goal is to empower every person that has ever felt like they struggled with being exceptional and finding their value to see their natural radiance through the lens of astrology to reach their highest potential and become the luminary leader they were born to be.

When not stargazing and advising, Leslie is a professional classical clarinetist with a nationally-recognized chamber ensemble Quinteto Latino and playing in groups like the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera. She resides in the occupied land of the Ohlone Ramaytush currently called San Francisco with her husband and son.

Tune in as Leslie shares: 

  • How she fell in love with astrology
  • The integration of her love of music and astrology
  • The power of astrology and how she uses it to help others align their brands
  • And more


A heartfelt thank you to Leslie for her time, energy, and for her work. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


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