June 1, 2022

Believing In Your Essence with Krishana D. Scruggs

Believing In Your Essence with Krishana D. Scruggs

Welcome to Episode 11 of The Essence Reveal Podcast. Today’s episode is such an inspirational journey of discovering and believing in yourself. I am so honored to have Krishana D. Scruggs, founder of Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy as our guest on today’s episode. Tune in as Krishana shares: 

  • Her process of uncovering and revealing her Essence Brand
  • The journey of believing in herself
  • The importance and power of consistency
  • How standing in her Essence has brought her to where she is today.

 I am so humbled and wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to Krishana for time and vulnerability in sharing her journey with us.


Meet Krishana

Krishana D. Scruggs, is the mother of four (4) outstandingly amazing children: Kayla (24, our Heavenly Baby), Kaitlyn (23), Tyre’ (21) and Toryn Dace (6). 


Ms. Scruggs takes pride in being apart of the employment staffing realm for nearly 10 years. Though she finds pleasure assisting those seeking employment, her ultimate goal has been to create a legacy of entrepreneurship for her family, herself, and others willing to change the future, hence, Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy was formed.


Magnolia’s Kiss came about in the midst of an excruciating pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020 during a time when the world came to a halt. Nothing seemed to flourish, but as a visionary, she began praying in 2019 for a way to establish generational wealth for just herself, but also for her children, family, and others. A way to be released from poverty and propelled to the ranks of financial freedom, the influence of others, and to educate those seeking a better life.


Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy is only the beginning of an empire that will carry her last name to the end of time. Seeds have been planted in her children and friends, allowing them to experience things they’ll never be able to unsee or “unthink”. A life they not only dream of but a life they can actually live. Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy was created for the prime person seeking outstanding lip care products consisting of lip gloss, lip oil, and lip scrubs providing optimal moisture, lasting hydration, sensual softness, and the ultimate shine offering tantalizing refreshment to the taste palette allowing each being to express themselves in the most colorful way! We, at Magnolia’s Kiss, have created products that will not only change how an individual thinks but how they speak, as well. People must know that once their minds are open to thinking something different, their lips will begin to speak something different. We change mindsets starting with the most powerful tool, the lips!!!


“I believe we are opening doors for others to walk through to fields of massive opportunity because we stepped out on faith with a little of nothing to change EVERYTHING!!!  We are Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy and we’re Taking Over The World One Lip At A Time


Facebook: Krishana Scruggs or Magnolia’s Kiss Lip Candy

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