Nov. 9, 2022

Essence Copywriting with Jamie Lyn Borup and Rachel Skousen

Essence Copywriting with Jamie Lyn Borup and Rachel Skousen

“Trust your desires”

Welcome to Episode 22 of The Essence Reveal Podcast. Today I am so excited to be joined by Essence Copywriters Jamie Lyn Borup and Rachel Skousen. They own and operate Style Guide Editing, a space for editing and copywriting. Their passion is helping people present the best version of their writing to the world and they believe that a good editor frees a writer to focus on their story. Jamie Lyn and Rachel have been instrumental in helping to craft the copy for my own Essence Brand and I am honored and delighted to have this conversation with them today. 


Tune in as Jamie Lyn and Rachel share: 

  • Their individual stories of how they came to love copywriting
  • Their journey to discovering the synergy between themselves and their love for copy
  • How the work can be easy if it is meant for you to actually do
  • Advice for those folks who want to write copy for their business
  • And more

A sincere thank you to Jamie Lyn and Rachie for sharing this conversation with us today.


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