May 11, 2022

Inward and Upward with Angel Lyn

Inward and Upward with Angel Lyn

Welcome to Episode 9 of The Essence Reveal Podcast. Today we are pulling back the curtain and revealing the Essence journey of a very special guest. Angel Lyn is a Soul Coach and an author, and I am so excited to speak with her about her journey in uncovering her Essence Brand. Tune in to hear Angel share:

  • Her journey to expanding her mind and thinking through homeschooling
  • Her process of uncovering and revealing her Essence Brand
  • How aligning her soul allowed her to ground herself in her Essence
  • How she used her coaching model of “Inward and Upward” to grow her business practice
  • Tips for those who are currently going through the process of revealing their Essence Brand


A special thank you to Angel for her time and openness to sharing her journey with us.


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Meet Angel

Angel Lyn, MSW, Soul Mentor, is a life coach, public speaker, and author.  She focuses on teaching principles of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, providing guidance in areas of individual health and wellness, marital relationships, and parenting.  She operates from a paradigm of spirituality and consciousness.


As a homeschooling mother of 5 sons, Angel is passionate about continued learning and expansion.  Her mission statement is: seek truth, apply it in life, & share it with others.  She is a co-author in a recently released book titled “Collaboration with the Divine,” which hit #1 on Amazon in 4 categories is currently writing her own memoir/self-help book titled “Soul-u-lar Evolution: a Mormon woman’s transcendent journey to LOVE.”  


Angel hosts quarterly women’s retreats, couples retreats, in-person groups, and zoom groups, teaching the principles of personal evolution that have led her to discover light-truth-love-joy-peace and freedom.  


Book recommendation: The Power Or Starting Something Stupid  - Richie Norton


Connect with Angel


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 Free Facebook Mentoring Group - Soul-u-lar Mentoring

FB Page - Soul-u-lar Evolution 

Book link - Collaboration with the Divine: A Sacred Communion



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