Aug. 24, 2022

Living In the Present with Giota Vorgia

Living In the Present with Giota Vorgia

Welcome to Episode 17 of The Essence Reveal Podcast. Today I am thrilled to welcome Giota Vorgia to the podcast. Giota was born in Greece where art is an integral part of the culture and existence, and she was born to be an artist. Her parents were both artists and her siblings are musicians. Being an artist was natural and her Essence. 

When Giota was 12 she discovered the beauty of stone. She would collect stones from the Grecian coast and paint and share them. As she grew she continued to collect and observe stones she gathered from all over the world. She saw the pure beauty in them. In 2004, inspired by the beauty of primal nature in stone, water, and wood, she produced a series of works based on these natural elements. Staying present, in the ‘now” is how she finds beauty everywhere and paints as a way to appreciate the beauty and life around her. 

Giota’s paintings inspire the viewer to increase awareness of their presence in an expanded present moment, using stone as an image of perfection and stability. People from around the world display her art in their galleries, homes, and businesses, and her work is said to bring therapeutic, healing, and high vibrations to people's souls. This is Giota’s purpose. 


Tune in as Giota shares: 

  • Her journey to being present
  • Why being outside in nature is so essential to remain connected and open
  • Her deeply personal connection with stones in her artwork
  • And more


A heartfelt thank you to Giota for her time, energy, and for her beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.


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