March 15, 2022

Revealing Your Essence Brand with Deanna Batte

Revealing Your Essence Brand with Deanna Batte

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Essence Reveal Podcast! I am so honored and excited to speak with one of my past clients Deanna Batte about her journey in uncovering her Essence Brand. Tune in to hear Deanna share:

  • Her process of uncovering and revealing her Essence Brand
  • The highs and lows of her Essence Brand journey
  • What embodying your Essence Brand means to her 
  • Tips for those who are currently going through the process of revealing their Essence Brand


A special thank you to Deanna for her time and openness to sharing her journey with us.


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Meet Deanna

Deanna Batte is an expert coach and mentor helping women have clarity around the unconscious patterns that sabotage their success. She is a powerful deep listener-detecting the solutions, and connecting women to their own vital personal resources. She instills confidence and empowers transformation with tools that improve health, money and relationships.

Deanna is a speaker, thought leader and gifted healer who has helped thousands of women grow confidently and take brave and inspired action to overcome personal, family and business (income) challenges.

Deanna has trained as an Intuitive Strategist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, EFT Coach. She has worked with women on a deep and personal level for more than 30 years in her business and volunteer programs. She has a deep personal understanding of the pitfalls and conditioning that women experience in their lives, rising above her own circumstances to become the standard bearer for women, their affluence and making brave choices. 



Connect with Deanna

FB Group: Vibrant Women Rising, a space for creating wealth and impact.


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