Dec. 15, 2022

Season 1 Finale

Season 1 Finale

I came into 2022 full of hope, optimism, stars in my eyes, ready for all the things I had hoped for, worked for, done manifesting work for, and paid so much for in the three major currencies: time, focus, and money. 2022 is the year I turned 50, and I was going to have the party of the century, I had made arrangements to move overseas for a few months. I felt healthy, happy, and hopeful. 

Within weeks it became clear that a move over seas was not in the Universal plan for the year as my partner was suffering from some intense health challenges. I lost large sums of money through a variety of investments that didn’t turn out as hoped for. Instead of celebrating my 50th birthday, I stayed hidden in my cave, not feeling like I could handle the spotlight.

As I reflect on this year I realize that although I have peeled back many layers of belief around prescriptive or formulaic living, this was a year where I was compelled to dig deeper around that.

As I practice what I teach, I have gone through the process I take my clients through, I have worked with my own coaches, I have journalled and meditated. I know my life and my business is shifting, and so while I have a brilliant and unique Season two of the Essence Reveal Podcast planned, I am going to take a short break for a couple of months to get more clarity, adjust my systems and structures, and laser in on my work. 

There are a few offerings in 2023 I am ready to reveal and I would like you to be aware of. They are:

I have loved this season of this podcast with you. I have learned so much, I have loved your feedback, I appreciate deeply your support, I have made dear friends with the guests and gained wisdom from them. It has been an adventure that will continue after a brief pause.

I am grateful for you, my friends. Happy 2023, I’ll see you in a couple of months.