Aug. 10, 2022

Story Surrender or Supported Surrender?

Story Surrender or Supported Surrender?

Hello, my friends!! Welcome back to my table!! I’m so happy you are here! Thank you so much for your reviews and feedback, really, it means the world to me!

I have a question for you: Have you felt it? The “collective Burnout”? 

Does it feel like the Universe is asking you to slow down, trust it, move forward even if you can’t see the way? Are things not turning out like you expected or wanted and you don’t really know what to do? You can see what you want, but getting there isn’t working?

These are the things I’m hearing every single day from people, and am going through a personal lesson and relearning about this concept in an aspect of my life. You are probably familiar with the concept of “surrendering to the Universe”, the concept of believing that there is the possibility of something even better happening for you, that the Universe, God, Source is always guiding you to the highest good, and giving over your desires and will to that higher power. And, it is not an easy thing to do, to let go of the one thing that is truly your own, your will. 

I’ve been hearing a lot from people that they are just surrendering to the Universe, out of options, compelled to surrender because they have done everything they possibly can, there is really nothing left to do but surrender. And then you may know people like I do, people that seem to effortlessly live in a state of surrender to the Universe and manifest the most serendipitous things. 

So, how about you? Is it easy or challenging to surrender to the Universe? 

In this episode I am going to talk about different kinds of surrender. Survival surrender, Subordinating Surrender, Stoic Surrender. These all fall under the category of Story Surrender, because they are based on story, and another type of surrender called Supported Surrender. 

As you listen to this podcast, I invite you to ask yourself this question, “How is that like me?” That singular question has helped me uncover all sorts of untrue stories I tell myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts about today’s episode and about your experiences with surrendering. And if you know someone who could use this information, please forward them this podcast.

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