Sept. 28, 2022

It's Time for a Bigger Container

It's Time for a Bigger Container

Hello, my friends; welcome back to the Essence Reveal Podcast. I’m your host, Christina, and I have been experiencing a very interesting 2022. It’s been a year of full circles, new awarenesses, learning to grow and adapt at a deeper level, working through disappointments and unmet expectations, pivots, and finally, a true surrender. 

As we move through our Essence Reveal journeys, we become aware of the roles and identities we have attached to. A question I am contemplating is does your essence change? I used to think your essence was stable and unchanging it was our experience with our Essence that changed as we peeled back more and more layers and evolved as a soul. Now I am unsure. 

Join me and tune into today’s episode as we continue peeling back the layers of our Essence and the containers that are our lives. As you listen to today’s episode I want you to think about the analogies and experiences that I am sharing with you and ask yourself: 

  • What are you being asked to show to the world?
  • Where have you outgrown your container?
  • What stage of freedom are you in?
  • And finally: How is that like me?

I am grateful for you and I appreciate your continued support. Remember, always BE YOU!! See you next time!

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